Irish Writers Centre Course Bursaries: Round 2

Irish Writers Centre Course Bursaries: Round 2

Irish Writers Centre Course Bursaries Round 2 

After our first successful round, the Irish Writers Centre is pleased to announce another round of the Course Bursary initiative, open to all Irish writers. These bursaries will enable writers to develop their skills through funded places at Irish Writers Centre creative writing courses, and open up access to course entry by subsidising costs to individuals who may not otherwise be able to take a course. 25 Bursaries will be made available in this round. 

The IWC is working towards the development of our first equality and diversity policy, and taking steps to promote equality of opportunity for all those living in Ireland, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, civil or family status, religion, age, disability, race or membership of the Traveller Community, as well as socio-economic background. 

Bursary recipients will receive course credit worth €165 towards a course at the IWC. We encourage writers from backgrounds typically underrepresented in Irish literature to apply. We particularly invite applications from Black, POC, Traveller, Roma, working class, and disabled writers. We will place a strong focus on ethnicity, race, and socioeconomic status when evaluating the applications for bursaries.

How to apply:

This initiative is currently open to all Irish writers, and writers in Ireland.

We ask all applicants to apply through our online application form.


Wednesday 30 June, 5pm

With thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland