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Booked Out: Online. Get Them Talking: How to Write Dramatic Dialogue with Arthur Riordan

Starts: Mon 6 July 2020
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Duration: 3 weeks
Cost: €130/€110 members

All remote Irish Writers Centre courses take place on Irish Standard Time (GMT+1)

This course is suitable for emerging writers

Dialogue is the lifeblood of drama, whether on the stage, screen or page. These workshop will explore various approaches to writing dialogue and, using examples from a range of sources, provide tips and pointers to making your dialogue sharper and more engaging.  

Session 1:  The Basics.

 You will start with a simple question: what is dialogue and what should it do? Then you'll look at examples of different types of dialogue, and how dialogue works in various media; you'll examine how dialogue functions as a window into character, as a means of story-telling, and as a form of dramatic action; you'll finish with a brief discussion/Q&A, and an exercise will be set for Session 2.

Session 2:  Deep Dive

After assessing and discussing the previous week's exercise, you'll go deeper into the nitty-gritty of writing dialogue. Using examples again, you'll look at how you can make dialogue dynamic: how to weight each line, give it tension and draw the reader/audience in; how to switch the focus, and how to avoid pitfalls such as being too on-the-nose or too florid. You'll look at the different types of conflict that can drive dialogue, whether in straight drama or comedy, and you'll establish a few do's and don'ts. And there'll be an exercise for Session 3.

Session 3:  Shaking It All Up

You'll assess the previous week's exercise, then you'll take a further look at technique, and apply what you've learnt to the specific needs of different media. You'll finish by taking a look at some less conventional approaches to writing dialogue: techniques to take you out of your comfort zone and hopefully, act as an aid to finding your own unique voice.

Arthur Riordan has written numerous plays, including book and lyrics for the hit musicals Improbable Frequency and The Train, the libretto for Andrew Synnot's Dubliners opera, a one-man show, The Emergency Session, and adaptations of Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ibsen's Peer Gynt, and Flann O'Brien's Slattery's Sago Saga 

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