I’m a writer, what can you do for me?

For Professional Writers

What does membership involve?
All you need to know about membership is here.


What creative writing courses are coming up?
We offer a wide variety of creative writing and professional development workshops and seminars. Check out our upcoming courses here.

I'd like to join a Writing Group. 
Great, we host lots of writing groups at the Centre, find out how to join one here.

Can you give me feedback on my writing?
There are a few different way to get feedback, all incur different costs:

  1. Ask a trusted and honest friend who is a good reader.
  2. Join a Writing Group. They’ll tend to be a bit more honest with you and you’ll get to learn from other writers mistakes. It’s €5 per meeting at the IWC.
  3. Join a Creative Writing Workshop. In most workshops, the professional tutor will give you feedback on your work in a group setting and guide you in the right direction. You’ll also be surrounded by writers interested in the same form who can also give honest feedback. Read the course outlines carefully to find the right course for you. If you’re unsure, email info@writerscentre or call us at 01 8721302.
  4. One-to-one Mentoring. This is expensive as you’re paying for the time and attention of a professional writer with a proven track record but it can be an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile experience. Mentors can also provide great industry or professional development advice. It’s not recommended for beginners, who would benefit more from a workshop or joining a writing group.

Do you list writing opportunities?
Yes, we keep a list of competitions, bursaries and other opportunities for writers here

Can you promote my writing?
We don’t directly promote the work of any particular author. However, we do promote Irish writing and Irish writers indirectly by programming courses and events of all kinds involving prominent Irish writers. We promote our own events through our newsletter but sometimes promote the events of other organisations through social media at our own discretion.

How do I get published?
The first thing to remember is that there are only a few publishers in Ireland and lots of writers trying to get published. A journal might, for example, only publish 2 or 3 per cent of material received. A book publisher might produce less. Don't let the odds put you off. If your work is good enough you have a shot at getting published. Make your writing so good that the publisher can't turn it down. You might, however, help yourself by coming to the attention of publishers or agents in advance of sending them a manuscript - winning a competition helps, but the most tried and trusted is to build up a track record of publication in poetry magazines or journals. The magazines and journals that are the hardest to get into are generally the ones with the highest standards and thus the ones with the most impact.

If this doesn’t answer your questions you might keep an eye out for one of our publishing days. Writing.ie also has lots of first-hand experience by published authors on how they succeeded in improving their writing and getting published.


How do I make a submission to a publisher?
Read the submission guidelines for each publisher carefully and be sure to find out what kind or genre of each book each publisher produces. The following is a list of guidelines for submitting original writing for publication:

  • Find out what kind of kind or genre of book each publisher produces, e.g. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, sci-fi, historical fiction, short stories. Get a copy of the magazine or book produced by that publisher and read it. It is much easier to put together a submission when you have some idea of the editor's taste, what the general standard of material published is like etc.
  • Read the submission guidelines for each publisher carefully. For example, some publishers will only want to see the first three chapters (but they will want you to have finished the book at the time of sending those chapters), or six poems, or a few stories.
  • Most publishers will have specific requirements regarding typeface size, layout, etc. In general, editors prefer not to receive fancy typefaces, handwritten work or work with illustrations.
  • Send copies of your work, not the originals, and always keep copies of whatever you send.
  • Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope or an International Reply Coupon for a response. Most magazines and journals cannot afford to return manuscripts, which don't have an SAE/IRC.
  • Give the editor time to reply. As previously mentioned, editors receive a lot of material: you can reasonably expect to hear in 6 months at the latest.
  • With established magazines it is usual to receive a copy of the magazine in which your work appears (you should not normally have to pay for this). Some magazines also offer payment for material, but the sums are usually small. It is not standard practice to pay to have your work published.

Do you have a list of publishers in Ireland?
Yes, take a look here.

Do you have a list of literary agents in Ireland?
Yes, take a look here.

Do you have a list of journals in Ireland?
Yes, take a look here.

I have a question relating to Copyright
We have some information on copyright here, but if that doesn’t answer your question then email info@icla.ie

What is Copyright?Copyright is essentially a property right, in order to benefit of its protection the material must be in 'tangible form'. Further information on this can be found here.

Can my work be reproduced without my permission?No, reproduction of a copyright work without the permission of the rights holder is an infringement of copyright. Details on this can be found here.

 Further information can be found here on Getting Published or on Copyright


Can I have my event at the Centre?
Yes, click the following link to see how to organize an event at the Centre.

Can I come to your Open Mic night?
Of course, Takin the Mic usually takes place the last Friday of the month from 7–9pm. You can come to perform or just to listen and hang out. See What’s on at the Centre for info on our next open mic night.


What else do you do?
Find out what we do here

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
Yes, we can provide gift vouchers for any amount. Find out more about them here

Do you provide Literary Packages for visitors to Dublin?
Yes, take a look here or get in touch directly to info@writerscentre.ie with your specific needs. 

Do you have a Library?
Yes, we have a library for use by members. It’s not a lending library but members can drop in any time to peruse the shelves. It hosts a good collection of Irish writers in translation. Search the library catalogue here.