Managing Creativity Banter
Irish Writers Centre

Managing Creativity Seminar Series – the Irish Writers Centre in assoc. with Banter

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Spring 2016 - this seminar has now passed.

*****Online Only 17 hour sale to Sat 27 Feb 9.00am*******

A one-day seminar about managing, selling and marketing your own creative projects.

For writers and artists, finishing the work is just the start of the creative process. In today’s digital driven and event focused environment, it can be challenging to disseminate your work and ensure it gets the exposure it deserves. With the help of guest experts from a range of artistic fields (e.g. literature, media, design), this one-day seminar will give participants a grounding in some of the key skills you'll need to know to get your creative projects up-and-running. 

Chaired by Jim Carroll (Banter and The Irish Times) there will be three panels in total covering topics including: setting up one-off events, getting your work into festivals, marketing, funding, finances and social media. 

Starts: Sat 27 Feb
Time: 10.00am – 3.45pm 
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: €50 flat fee - 17 hour sale to Sat 27 Feb 9.00am (Online Only)

(1) Do It Yourself: 10.10am – 11.40am

Sometimes the best way to manage and sell your own work is to do it yourself rather than wait for some manager, agent or publisher to take a chance on you. A look at the DIY option when it comes to events (the costs, the risks, the mechanics, the venues, the checklist and all the rest before you put tickets on sale), project management (who are the people you need on your side and how do you get the best out of them?), festivals (what are festivals looking for from artists and authors – and how do you convince them you have what it takes?) and fund-raising (writers and artists can't live on fresh air so how do you gain access to money to get your project off the ground?).

Panel: Angela Dorgan (First Music Contact/Hard Working Class Heroes), Bren Byrne (OFFSET), Colm Keegan (Lingo) 

(2) Meet the Media: 11.50am – 1.20pm

If you want more people to know about what you do, you need the media to amplify that message. That, though, is easier said than none. The people you need to reach in the mainstream media are also the people everyone else needs to reach too to get their message across.

So just how does the Irish arts media work and what the hell are they looking for? A conversation with those who commission arts features and reviews. Find out exactly what they're looking for – and what they run a mile from.

Panel: Penny Hart (RTE Radio 1 Arena) & Laurence Mackin (Irish Times)


(3) The Social Network: 2.15pm – 3.45pm

Who needs to rely on the whims of mainstream media editors when you have your own Instagram account? It may be the easiest thing in the world to set up your own social media channels in the mornings, but managing and developing these takes time, effort and dedication. How do you work out if you're more Facebook than Twitter? What do artists and writers need to know about Meerkat and Periscope? What does it take to create a successful social media campaign? Are you better off getting someone else to do this for you or is there value in projecting your own voice?

Panel: Niall Byrne aka Nialler9Dave Morrissey (Facebook), Amy Herron (Irish Writers Centre)


** Due to unforeseen circumstances, Gaby Smyth, leading accountant and tax specialist operating in the arts sector, is no longer able to facilitate The Financial Nuts and Bolts session (originally scheduled from 2.00pm – 3.10pm). However, we've extended all panels to incorporate more time for Q&A and relevant panelists will be asked about how they've funded their projects and festivals – traditionally, crowd-funding, etc. 


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