Book Launch: Angel Fur and Some Days are Better Than Ours

Book Launch: Angel Fur and Some Days are Better Than Ours


Tues 5 November


Join us for the launch of Some Days Are Better Than Ours (Reflex Press) by Barbara Byar and Angel Fur and other stories (Stupor Mundi) by Csilla Toldy.

Barbara is an American immigrant who has lived for many years in Co. Kerry with her two sons and two dogs. A former Novel Fair winner, her short fiction has been published widely and listed for various competitions, including the Bare Fiction Prize and the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Award. In Some Days Are Better Than Ours, Barbara Byar invites the reader into imagined futures and regretful pasts – from war to childhood to road trips to relationships.  This collection is visceral, sometimes brutal but sliced through with hope.

Csilla Toldy escaped from Hungary in 1981 and lived in France, Austria and Germany before settling in Northern Ireland. Her strange and unsettling tales take us to Communist cities, in wild passions across Europe, and to the USA. Whether she portrays a faded film star saving children from being shot, a disembodied mind contemplating a Colorado sunset, or the collection of hair and nail clippings accumulated by the woman who grooms Lenin’s corpse, nothing in Csilla’s stories is quite what we expect. Widely published in anthologies, these stories by a remarkable writer are now collected for the first time.