Book Launch: A Poetic Rendition of Thoughts and Notions by Brídín ní Airtneada

Book Launch: A Poetic Rendition of Thoughts and Notions by Brídín ní Airtneada


Thursday 24 August 2017

6.30pm–8.30pm | All welcome


All are welcome to an evening of poetry and chat as Brídín Ní Airtneada launches her first volume of poetry, A Poetic Rendition of Thoughts and Notions.

Brídín’s work is significantly reflective of both her Islamic and Irish identities and penned to reveal what she coins as the natural sense of being characteristic in landscapes, located contexts and people which affect her to write and to render account.

Life is full of notions, ideas and realizations as a poet’s trajectory leads from one context to the next absorbing the surrounds. With a trained eye, the poet aims to heighten aesthetic awareness, to penetrate the conscious minds of readers, often weighted and blinded by material gain, to notice the spiritual wealth of creation in the immediate ecological environment. There is comfort in marvelling at creation in a neo-metaphysical sense, without heresy, without exaggeration. And all is for the glory of God.

Ms. Brídín Ní Áirtnéada is primarily an Educator and a Linguist. She completed her undergraduate studies at St. Patrick’s College, DCU, and mastered at the University of Leicester in Applied Linguistics &TESOL. She has also completed certification in Psychometrics with the British Psychological Society in Leicester. Her academic interests include issues related to intolerance and inequality. She is currently taking Ph.D. studies in Education &Leadership at the British University in Dubai, majoring in Psycholinguistics. While she has published academic research, this collection of poems is her first literary publication rendered and penned as a collection of poetic ideas.