Book Launch: Haunt by Mark Granier

Book Launch: Haunt by Mark Granier


Tuesday 3 March


'Mark Granier’s Haunt unfolds in tender, observant gestures. There is much sadness here regarding personal memory, death, and a sense of generations passing.
This makes for an elegiac collection but Granier’s elegies are not made of pieties. They are spiced with wit and live on their precisions. The sequences in the book are accumulations of what it is to be human, vulnerable, sharp-eyed and a part of things.'
George Szirtes

Mark Granier has published three previous collections of poetry, Airborne (Salmon, 2001), The Sky Road (Salmon, 2007) and Fade Street (Salt, 2010). His awards include the New Writer Poetry Prize, the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize and a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship.
All welcome to come along to the launch of this latest collection.