Book Launch: Irish Love Stories

Book Launch: Irish Love Stories


Tuesday 21 June 2016

6:30pm | All welcome

For lovers, yesterday was divine. Today is almost unbearable happiness. Tomorrow a promise.True, wonderful, heart-stopping love. The kind of rapture that stands between us and life itself. Lovers don't count time; for love has no end.

'I love you', says a whisper in the breeze. 'I will love you for a thousand years.' 

All are welcome to the launch of Irish Love Stories by Brendan Nolan (Fresh Appeal 2016), a collection of retold stories from as long ago as the Tuatha de Danaan God of Love and Poetry and as recent as infatuation with a movie star.

Come celebrate our collection of Irish love stories with us on the longest day of the year when  our  hours  overflow with time for new love for old love and for mad love between lovers and nature.

All great Irish stories are love stories. We listen to stories to validate our love for another. For love is a delicate condition. And everlasting love is a frail impulse for humans to sustain. In these stories love triumphs above all else.

Brendan Nolan is a working storyteller and writer of ten published books who has recalled love stories for many people in many lands. He has gathered his stories into a number of books of folklore and story of which Irish Love Stories is the latest. A former board member of the Irish Writers Centre and former information officer of the Irish Writers Union this celebration in the Ben Kiely Room is very much a homecoming for Brendan and his love stories from every corner of this land.