Book Launch: Mindful Heroes

Book Launch: Mindful Heroes


Thurs 17th October

6.00 - 8.30

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You are invited to the book launch of Mindful Heroes: Stories of Journeys that Changed Lives.  Edited by Terry Barrett, Vin Harris and Graeme Nixon (Editors). (2019) Aberdeen, Scotland: Inspired By Learning

Everyone loves stories. This book tells the stories of a constellation of mindful heroes. This book is about mindful heroes: ordinary people, like you and me, who followed the path of mindfulness and went on a hero’s journey. These mindful heroes developed their own personal mindfulness practice together with studying mindfulness. They benefited from their growth in mindful awareness, compassion for self and others and insight. Then they wanted to share this and provide others with the opportunity to develop their potential in their own ways. On their journeys they changed their own and sometimes others’ lives. They share their stories of their personal and professional journeys with you.

“This book is an inspiration as we follow the journeys of heroic people who integrated mindfulness into their way of life in a creative and transformative way”

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy Founder Sanctuary Meditation Centre and Focus Ireland, Author of many books including Awakening Inner Peace, Mindful Meditations for Everyday and Gardening the Soul.