Book Launch: Nogginers by Paul Kestell

Book Launch: Nogginers by Paul Kestell


Thursday 9 June

6:30pm | All welcome

On 9 June we celebrate the launch of Nogginers, twelve new short stories from Paul Kestell, set in Sallynoggin Dublin between the years 1960-1985. This marks a return to Dublin and his childhood for writer Paul Kestell, who has previously published two novels and two collections of novelettes, the most recent being The West Cork Railway & Other Stories.

Kestell brings us on a fictional journey through his early years and into adolescence, the spectre of manhood and responsibility though inevitable is feared almost like death, thus we arrive at disaffected adulthood in stories like 'Blood'.

The stories are full of humour but are tainted by the biting reality of growing up in a working class Corporation estate.

This barren world is brought to life in stories like 'The Messenger Boy' and 'Workers', intertwined with an innocence, and the power of childhood imagery and imagination.

But Kestell has some stark stories to tell as in 'Hate Lessons,' and 'Corpus Christi,' the writer enters our souls percutaneously but he also entertains us with the funny 'The Posh Party,' and 'Weekly with Mrs Tims.'

It is no doubt that he has scrubbed his own soul clean when you read 'Visits,' and 'Davids Room,' but for sheer angst 'Betty Drew,' will be hard to beat but perhaps the earlier innocence of 'Frogs,' may compete with the final story 'Leaving,' to leave us with a true reflection on working class life during this period.