Book Launch: Talk to Me!

Book Launch: Talk to Me!

Tues 19 November


All are welcome to attend the launch of Talk to Me! Conversations with teens that most parents would love to have by Anita Coghlan. Talk to Me! offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the views, opinions, worries and expectations of tweens and teens on subjects such as the pressures that children experience, worries about appearance, sexual activity, friendships, romantic relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, abusive relationships and much more. As well as sharing insights from the author’s work with students, the book also provides useful advice for parents on how to deal with tricky questions and open up what they may feel are awkward but necessary conversations.

Talk to Me! is aimed primarily at parents, but will also be of interest to educators, coaches, RSE facilitators, therapists and anyone who works with children and young adults regularly. The book came about after numerous requests from parents and teachers.

About the Author:
Anita Conlan is one of Ireland’s foremost Relationship and Sexuality Education facilitators, working with thousands of students each year. She has 24 years of experience managing a team of 14 facilitators who delivered RSE programmes to over 400 schools and 30,000 students per year. She has been a regular media commentator on Relationship & Sexuality Education in Ireland. She lives in Dublin.