Book launch: The Grand Delusion: Multiculturalism in Ireland and Beyond by Salah Haddad

Book launch: The Grand Delusion: Multiculturalism in Ireland and Beyond by Salah Haddad


Wednesday 23 May 2018


Event will be in English

All welcome

About the book

“It is, perhaps, best seen as an indictment of the master narrative of European colonialism, which persists to this day in the ownership and management of power. The author explores the thinking and the behaviours underlying how we socially construct and pass on what is defined as multicultural and intercultural, inevitably along the lines of our unconscious meta-récit.

Interculturalists as well as educators are likely to be struck by and perhaps put off by the author’s unvarnished criticism of what passes as multicultural and intercultural in the structure of societies and institutions, often a sop that subtly perpetuates racially-based class cultures, while maintaining and, inevitably, even reinforcing the enduring structures while damaging diverse identities that do not conform to a dominant often unconsciously enforced norm.

To Irish society and its educational system, this work is perhaps a wake-up call. To this interculturalist, the value of the work lies in its power to remind us that intercultural progress is not likely without an examination of the structure and function of our socially constructed master narratives” George F. Simons, a prolific author including co-authoring eight packages in the Cultural Detective Series, and many articles, reviews, poems, and other publications. Amazon review.  

The book will be launched by the author along with the guitarist Arash.

About the author

Salah Haddad was born in Tripoli, Libya. He received his Master Degree in Intercultural Studies from DCU in 2006. He is currently studying for a PhD at Trinity College. Salah published several books in Arabic, ranging from fiction to history and from culture to poetry criticism. He lives in Dublin since 1998.