Book Launch: The Light Makers by Mary O'Donnell
Book Launch: The Light Makers by Mary O'Donnell

Book Launch: The Light Makers by Mary O'Donnell

Tuesday 18 July 2017

6.30pm – 8.30pm | All welcome

This month a special twenty-fifth anniversary edition of The Light Makers makes this stunning debut novel from writer and poet Mary O’Donnell available to a new generation of Irish readers.

The Light Makers received widespread acclaim when originally published by Poolbeg Press, with critics describing Mary O’Donnell’s debut as ‘compelling’, ‘powerful’ and ‘erotic’. It rated in the Irish best seller listings for weeks and became The Sunday Tribune’s choice as ‘Best New Irish Novel of 1992.’

The book went on to a paperback reprint the following spring and, again, sold widely. Part of its appeal was the upfront, direct tone of its protagonist, photojournalist Hanna Troy, balancing a career, a complex relationship and a deep yearning for motherhood.

The story unfolds over the course of a summer walkabout in the city, while Hanna is killing time before a medical appointment. As the afternoon progresses, her reflections unravel a raw, sometimes sensuous story of darkness and light. It explores a failing relationship, the anguish of infertility that can shadow a couple’s love and the complexities of a young and outspoken woman in Ireland’s somewhat repressed 1980s. Considering the experiences of her contemporaries and evoking family events long past that still resonate, Hanna is determined that her own resilience will overcome the challenges she faces.

Today, with its passionate and enduring themes, The Light Makers is as relevant as ever.

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Author Nuala O’Connor will launch The Light Makers.