Book Launch: The Sovereign Republic of Eire by Thomas McGrath
Book Launch: The Sovereign Republic of Eire by Thomas McGrath

Book Launch: The Sovereign Republic of Eire by Thomas McGrath


Wednesday 30 August 2017

19:00-21:00    I  All Welcome 


All are welcome to the the launch of The Sovereign Republic of Eire by Thomas McGrath.

Spanning 5,000 years of Irish history The Sovereign Republic of Eire seeks to examine the very sovereignty of our island both past and present.

With the aid of coloured illustrations, this inspiring new release provides a detailed history of many fundamental aspects of Irish culture - including the Harp, its symbolic meaning throughout classical civilisation and how it came to be our national emblem. While highlighting the historical and cultural contribution of the Irish and Fenian Republican Brotherhood from its inception to present day, Thomas' book also touches  upon some of the most  divisive moments in Irish history such as the  rationale of food removal between 1848-50 or the loss of ancient Irish culture through the gradual Anglicization of Ireland.

As well as encouraging the reader to delve into our island's past, The Sovereign Republic of Eire hopes to provide a greater understanding of how these integral moments in Irish history have come to shape our modern nation.


Thomas McGrath is initially from Co. Cork and now lives near Cahir, Co. Tipperary where he works as a published author, researcher and current vice president of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Thomas cites his main research influence as American History Professor, Francis M. Carroll, who writes extensively about Dáil éireann’s establishment and Irish American connections. In his own field,Thomas' research led him  to expose the tunnels below Dublin City, which served as an essential means to escape for those such as Micheal Collins and many others during the War of Independence.