The Unity Project by Brian Corvin

Book launch: The Unity Project by Brian Corvin


Thursday 6 October

6.30pm | All welcome

All are welcome to the launch of The Unity Project by Brian Corvin

The Unity Project is the second collection of poetry and verse that has been written and produced by the artist and poet, Brian Corvin. The long anchor poem, which gives the book its title, was inspired by Abdul Baha (1844-1921) and it looks at where we have come from, what we need to do to help us fulfil our evolutionary potential, and how the process will affect us.

The author, Brian Corvin, was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1937 but he considers himself a world citizen as, "the world is one country and mankind are its citizens". His first book of poems, A Dream Journey, took the best part of 50 years to produce. This one has taken five, which, Brian suggests, is progress of a kind.

About the Author:


Brian Corvin is an artist and poet born in Dublin, Ireland where he continues to live and work. His first book of poems, A Dream Journey was published in 2009. The publication of The Unity Project (2016) represents the completion of what he set out to achieve with his first book.

For more information about The Unity Project, the idea behind it and the aspirations that it represents, please visit the author's website.