Booked Out: Core Copy-Editing Skills with Andrew Steeds
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Booked Out: Core Copy-Editing Skills with Andrew Steeds

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Tuesday 10 March and Wednesday 11 March

Duration: 2 days

Cost: €545/€495 member

 Spring 2015 - this course has now passed.

Core copy-editing skills

"I enjoyed the course very much. In fact, it's the best course I’ve ever been on. Enjoyable but also very useful to me. I do think I’ll be better at my job as a result!"

—Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office delegate

"I thought Andrew was BRILLIANT. Good humoured, smart, articulate and funny (which I think is very important on a three-day copy-editing course!). I’ll definitely recommend that the management send all editors on this course."
—Usbourne Publishing delegate

A two-day workshop that focuses on core editing activities, and includes a thorough explanation of how to use the BSI standard marks for copy preparation. You will be given the opportunity to apply the symbols using a variety of texts. You will also receive detailed instruction on the correct use of many frequently misunderstood features such as italic text and quotation marks. Advice is also given on tricky editorial problems such as notes, bibliographies and figures. You will be asked to consider, and account for, the appropriate degree of editorial intervention and how to add real value to a text while ensuring the continued support of the writer. You will be working on a range of texts, including those that are intrinsically more complicated (such as academic texts) or that pose particular challenges that result from the way in which the text has been written.

Participant Profile

This workshop is suitable for those wishing to start, or just starting, their editorial career and also for those with some early experience of editing. A grasp of essential proofreading skills is assumed.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
•    understand the core elements of copy-editing and work with confidence on standard texts, applying the BSI standard mark-up symbols, and imposing accuracy, consistency and clarity
•    copy-edit with confidence, adapting, fitting and improving text as required

Main Areas of Content – Day One

•    Different types of editing and degrees of intervention
•    The key difference between proofreading and copy-editing
•    Marking up copy for the keyboarders, or designer
•    Ensuring consistency
•    Keeping an eye on the basics (spelling, punctuation and grammar)
•    Consolidation exercise

Main Areas of Content – Day two

•    Keeping the writer on board
•    Basic editorial value added
•    Texts posing specific problems
•    The special requirements of prelims and end matter
•    Assessing the level of intervention required
•    Copyfitting
•    Consolidation exercise

About the tutor

Andrew Steeds became a copy-editor at educational publisher Thomas Nelson in the 1980s. He then became a Commissioning Editor on the English and drama lists before leaving to take up similar positions at Macmillan and Hodder & Stoughton. Andrew left Hodder to set himself up independently in 1991. He has not looked back.




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