Michelle Read
Irish Writers Centre - Dublin, Ireland

Dialogue Workshop: What Characters Say and How they Say it with Michelle Read

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 Starts: Sat 8 April 2017
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: €80/70 Members

Dialogue in dramatic theatre is fundamental. What the characters say, how they say it and what lies underneath the words is often the main tool a dramatist has to tell their story. This day-long workshop will focus on exploring the process of active dialogue creation through script analysis and practical exercises. You will be working from a live performance point of view but this workshop will also be of value to fiction writers wishing to develop their dialogue writing.

Michelle is an award-winning playwright. She has worked in theatre in Dublin for over twenty years and has a wide range of experience as a performer, producer, playwright and dramaturge.

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Praise for Michelle Read's previous courses at the Irish Writers Centre:

'The course was clear, instructive, motivating and highly enjoyable. After feeling stuck for a long time with my writing, I have come away with lots of ideas and enthusiasm and a good grasp of the fundamentals of playwriting.'

— Allison McKay, Intro To Playwriting, Autumn 2014

'I unreservedly recommend this course – it’s both challenging and enjoyable, raising your game as it embeds the fundamentals of playwriting.'

— Pat Nolan, Intro To Playwriting, Autumn 2014

‘I think Michelle's course was a marvellous innovation in the way it focused beyond the whole "how to write" format and moved on a stage to actually getting work produced. She brought in a director to meet us and introduced us to the most up to date writers and directors operating in Irish theatre today. Brilliant course.’

— Anita Morris (Spring 2015)

'Michelle Read is a fantastic teacher. Fantastic course.'

'I enjoyed workshopping my play idea under Michelle Read, having previously taken her introduction to playwriting class. I generally find her to be an excellent tutor, passionate about her subject and constructive in her feedback.'

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