Editorial Project Management with Margaret Aherne
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Editorial Project Management with Margaret Aherne

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Starts Thursday 26 March


Duration: 1 day

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Course Description

Spring 2015 - this course has now passed.

This one-day workshop will introduce participants to the procedures and skills required to be a successful editorial project manager, supervising the work of others with confidence.

Who should attend

The course has been designed for participants who have little, if any, experience of editorial project management (perhaps copy-editors who have been promoted to the role of desk editor), and who lack confidence in the people-management skills that they will need.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

•           ensure clear communication with all personnel involved

•           choose the right person for the job using a variety of criteria

•           show awareness of problems with keeping to schedule and how to resolve them

•           implement a methodical approach to checking the work of others

•           use good judgement to provide constructive feedback

Main Areas of Content

•           understanding the EPM’s place in the publishing process

•           assessing a typescript to draw up a copy-editing brief

•           deciding what should be specified in a brief and what can be taken as understood

•           choosing copy-editors and proofreaders: looking at CVs, previous feedback, individuals’ requirements, in order to choose the right person for the job

•           scheduling: ways to keep on track and how to cope when it goes wrong

•           understanding the requirements for covers and indexes

•           collating proofs and making executive decisions when the demands of other people conflict (author, proofreader, volume editor)

•           assessing copy-editors’ and proofreaders’ work and giving feedback



Session 1: The EPM’s place

What does the Editorial Project Manager do?

Session 2: Making the right decisions

Assessing the Script

Briefs – Implied and Written

Helpful Documents

Choosing Freelancers: CVs and References

The Right Person for the Job

Session 3: Schedules and what can go wrong with them

Scheduling a Single Job

Scheduling a Group of Jobs

Session 4: Working with copy-editors and proofreaders

Assessing Copy-editing and Providing Feedback

Assessing Proofreading and Providing Feedback

Proof collation

Session 5: Covers and Indexes

Covers – Schedules and Content

Briefing and Editing Indexes

Questions and Discussion: What Makes a Good EPM?


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