Saturday 21 November  

Cost: €60/€50 members

Offered in association with The Stinging Fly Fiction Workshop

This intensive seminar will focus on the following aspects of fiction writing:

Time & Desire
Introducing fiction as a temporal art. How do we go about making the incision in time? How does time lead us from the beginning to the middle to find an inevitable ending? What is the difference between statement and suggestion? Between static and movement? Between poor and fine prose? Keegan will talk about hooking your character’s eyes and feet onto their object of desire and taking them through the story.

What is a scene? How does time work in a scene? And what’s the difference between tension and drama? And how are they related? Why are highly dramatic scenes sometimes dull or implausible? And how does a scene reveal character?

In preparation for the seminar, all participants are asked to read Good Country People by Flannery O’Connor and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Claire Keegan has written three award-winning collections of short stories: Antarctica, Walk The Blue Fields and Foster. Her stories have won the Davy Byrnes Award, been published in The New Yorker, Best American Short Stories, Granta, The Paris Review and translated into 14 languages. She is also a highly respected teacher of creative writing, having taught fiction workshops on four continents. 

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