These two experienced writers, Henry McDonald & Eithne Shortall, will take students on a journey from the basics of feature writing to develop the skills necessary to write arts interviews, reviews, criticism and broader, long-form cultural analysis pieces that would be suitable for newspapers and other publications – print and online. The classes will focus on how to structure an article, select suitable subject matter and keep audiences engaged. The course will also offer practical advice on how to pitch your ideas for a feature or book; exactly where to send that pitch and which ideas are currently in vogue in the newspaper, magazine and publishing worlds.

Eithne Shortall is chief arts writer with The Sunday Times, Ireland and broadcast contributor to RTÉ and the BBC. Henry McDonald has been a journalist for almost 25 years and has worked for The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times and BBC Northern Ireland.

Starts: Wed 13 May

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: €220/€200 Members

Praise from past students for Eithne Shortall:

"Eithne ran an enjoyable and useful course. She's a natural teacher! Gave honest feedback, didn't sugar-coat it but neither was she harsh, just constructive -- exactly what you want when you've paid for a course like this. Also great at encouraging us to be similarly confident and honest in giving our opinions and in our writing."


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