Lindsay J Sedgwick Screenwriting Irish Writers Centre Dublin

Booked Out: Screenwriting with Lindsay J Sedgwick

Starts: Wed 20 Feb 2019
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm 

Duration: 8 Weeks 
Cost: €220/€200 Members

Screenwriting is the tightest, trickiest medium, but also one of the most satisfying and exciting forms of writing. This course will look at what an idea needs for it to work for the screen and how to develop characters that will pull us in and keep us in the world you’ve created. Participants will learn how to structure a script from the individual scene through to the finished piece and all the elements in between. Suitable for anyone with a wicked and visual imagination who loves creating characters and putting them in jeopardy.

Lindsay Jane Sedgwick is an award-winning screenwriter whose work crosses genre and form, and author of Ireland’s first comprehensive guide to screenwriting, Write That Script. Her credits include the series Punky (2011, 2014).

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