Conor Kostick Irish Writers Centre

Learn To Be Your Own Editor with Conor Kostick

Starts: Sat 23 Sept 2017
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm 

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: €80/€70 Members

Writing is a deeply creative act. To create characters, a story, a plot, means to immerse yourself in acts of the imagination. But transforming these bursts of creativity into powerful writing is also a craft. And a crucial part of the journey from invention to publication is the editing stage. Here, you must be able to step away from the world you've created and re-examine the craft by which you've formulated sentences, paragraphs and chapters. In this day, you'll learn techniques to distance yourself from your draft and become an effective editor, both in respect to grammar, but more importantly, voice, characterisation and overall aesthetic impact. If you have finished a draft work-in-progress or are nearly there and want to ready yourself for the next step, then this course will be ideal for you. 

Conor Kostick is an award winning author who has taught and mentored at the Irish Writers Centre for ten years. He is a freelance editor, an associate member of AFEPI, and has edited books in all genres

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