Mia Gallagher in conversation | Irish Times Book Club
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Mia Gallagher in conversation | Irish Times Book Club

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Date: 23 February 2017
Time: 7.30pm
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The Irish Times Book Club in association with the Irish Writers Centre present:

Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland – Mia Gallagher in conversation with Laura Slattery and the Irish Times Book Club

A skillful and fearless exploration of place, time and identity – it grapples the big themes to its heart. This is the Irish novel whose reputation will grow in the coming years.  A new generation of Irish writers may well take their lead from it. — Mike McCormack

About the book 

Visitors are reminded that they are about to enter the Wunderkammer, a floating chamber where normal spacetime conventions no longer apply…

A bomb blast in the London Underground rips through space and time, unearthing four stories that whirl, collide and pass each other by.

Sometime around now, Georgia Madden (who used to be Georgie) flees her Dublin home, embarking on a road trip spiked with the hidden dangers of her past and her present. In the 1970s, as the Madden family begins to disintegrate, a disruptive stranger arrived who will bind them, briefly. While the underground bomb ticks down, an elderly German woman, Anna Bauer, recounts her own war story to a film crew. And all along, fizzing and popping in a parallel reality, we, the ‘visitors’, are led through an unsettling and volatile Museum of Curiosities.

The past crosses and weaves with the present; generations are bound together and cleaved apart; future selves remember and forget who they once were. Forgiveness is sought, offered and withheld – and as they unspool, the fragmented lives of four people become a haunting whole, where time is unknowable.

About the author

Mia Gallagher was born in Dublin, where she lives and works. Her debut novel, HellFire, was widely acclaimed and received the Irish Tatler Women of the Year Literature Award in 2007, while her award-winning short fiction has been widely published and anthologised. Mia has received several Literature Bursaries from the Arts Council of Ireland and has been writer-in-residence in many different environments, both at home and abroad. In a parallel universe, Mia works as a professional actor, performing in theatre, radio and occasionally film. Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland is her second novel.

- This event will be recorded in front of a live audience for the Irish Times Book Club podcast so please arrive promptly.

- Whether you've read the book or not, come along on the 23rd and join in the conversation. The book will also be available for purchase at the event. 

- Wine can be bought at the event

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