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Booked Out: Online Mindshift: Finding Your Flow with Anne Tannam

Starts Wed 7 Apr 2021
Time: 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Duration: 6 Weeks
Cost: €165/150 members

Course Level: Professional Development

All Irish Writers Centre remote courses take place on Irish Standard Time (GMT+1)

Course Summary: 

What are the conditions for flow and how do we build a thriving writing practice around them? This coach-led online interactive six-week course will give participants the knowledge and tools needed to identify what to give our attention to, and what should be avoided if we are to build a satisfying and productive writing life for ourselves. Participants will come away from this course refreshed and re-energised, with a tailor-made writing schedule they’re ready to commit to.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction, Contracting, Desired Outcomes, Definition of and Conditions for Flow

Week 2: Writer, Know Thyself – What’s going on in that head of yours?

Week 3: What’s holding us back? Getting to know your Inner Critic & why they say what they say

Week 4: Mapping our Writing Issues and Challenges to find Solutions

Week 5:  Designing a Tailored Writing Schedule

Week 6: Recap, Reflection, Key Takeaways, Check-in on Desired Outcomes, Virtual Group Hug 

It is recommended that participants keep a learning journal for the duration of the course. Slides are available after each session.

Course Outcomes: 

Course participants will come away with tools and techniques to optimise flow in their writing, a deeper knowledge of who they are as writers, and a tailor-made writing schedule they are ready to commit to.

Anne Tannam is a creative coach who helps writers to design and sustain flourishing writing practices. She regularly runs workshops and clinics across the country. For more on Anne’s coaching, visit www.creativecoaching.ie

Anne has published two poetry collections with a third ‘Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet’ forthcoming from her publisher Salmon Poetry in 2021. For more on Anne’s poetry, visit www.annetannampoetry.ie

Reviews of Anne Tannam's Work:
“Thank you very much for running a course that was helpful, fascinating and thought-provoking. I greatly appreciated your instruction and assured facilitation throughout. I found the content instructive and interesting, while your questions challenged me to engage in meaningful reflection. You really knew when to challenge us with hard questions or provide supportive feedback.
I have emerged from the course with a much greater self-awareness about my writing and why I do it thanks to your perceptive questioning. Before the course, I wasn’t certain what I hoped to gain from it, I just knew I wasn’t making the most of my time with writing as I was in other areas. The course content and consequent reflection has really given me tools to better organise my writing time and pointed to areas where I need more motivation or support. I cannot overstate the self-awareness that has grown from the hard questions I might not otherwise have forced myself to answer.” Gary Quinn, Writer and English Teacher

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your ‘Sustaining a Flourishing Writing Practice’. There’s no course out there like it, and it hits all the spots one needs to get motivated if you’re stuck (as I was).

I haven’t written properly in years for loads of reasons, struggling to find the time and energy, but for the first time (ever) I feel confident I know the way to keep my writing practice going throughout any life circumstance. This is totally invaluable to me. Your guidance has helped immensely.” Jennifer Matthews, Writer and Administrator in Civil Service

“Anne Tannam is a wonderful facilitator. I was lucky to attend Anne’s one day course at The Irish Writers Centre: The Happy Writer, in the autumn, and found it validating and inspiring.
I have adopted many good habits from that day and still go back to my course notes. As a writer and acclaimed poet herself, she is the ideal life coach for writers.” 
Fiona O’Rourke, Writer & Author

“Whether in her role as facilitator, creative coach, or event organizer, Anne provides a warm, relaxed and supportive environment putting everyone at ease so they can confidently produce their best work. She has excellent interpersonal skills and easily creates a positive and energetic dynamic within a group. Sensitive and responsive to difference, she brings a deep sense of community and inclusivity to all of her work.
Well prepared, punctual and organized, her workshops and events run without a hitch. Focused and goal driven, she ensures everyone achieves what they set out to accomplish, both as individuals and as a group. A natural and empathic storyteller, she has all the skills necessary to help others tell theirs.” Eithne Lannon, Acting Principal Northbay ETNS


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