Julian Gough Irish Writers Centre Dublin

Mindshift: Stepping out of your Comfort Zone - Writing in New Areas

Starts: Mon 1 Oct 2018
Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm
Duration: 2.5 Hours 
Cost: €30/€25 Members

Mindshift for Professional Writers Dublin w Julian Gough

Have you ever wanted to write in new forms? Writers tend to keep writing in the area where they first found success, be it novel, play, or short story. But stepping out of your comfort zone and writing in new forms can be lucrative, and boost your career and visibility.  As well as opening up new markets, you'll often learn interesting new techniques, and approaches to story structure, storytelling, and character building, which you can use when you return to your original forms. 

It can be useful to step back, and think about all your other options for telling, and selling, your next story: perhaps it would work better as a radio drama; computer game; self-published e-book; stage play; TV script; film script; song lyric; audio original; children’s book; or perhaps a Kindle Single. Exploring new markets, and new media, can invigorate your work.

Julian Gough will share his experience in these various areas. This session is aimed at professional writers and writers from any field are welcome.

Novelist Julian Gough has written (and sold) everything from a Kindle Single, to a book of poetry, to the ending of the computer game Minecraft. His writing has won or been shortlisted for many awards, and is translated into 28 languages.

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