Online: How to Haiku: The Next Level with Maeve O'Sullivan
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Online: How to Haiku: The Next Level with Maeve O'Sullivan

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Starts: Wed 29 Sept 2021
Time: 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm                                               
Duration: 6 weeks
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Course Level: Emerging

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Course Summary: 

Building on the introductory How to Haiku, this course will explore haiku and related forms in more depth. It will provide an introduction to four forms related to the three-line haiku: the tanka, the haiga, the monoku and the cherita. It will also explore techniques for writing better constructed and more striking haikai by answering these questions: should haiku be punctuated and how do we best do that? How can we effectively use metaphor in haiku and should it be explicit or implicit? What are horizontal and vertical axes in haiku and how do we go about combining them?

Course Outline: 

What will participants be focusing on and when? - Detail main topics covered in course (or give daily/weekly session breakdowns of one line).


Week 1:               Tanka, the 5-line form related to haiku (also/formerly known as Waka).

Week 2:               Syntax & punctuation in haiku, plus the use of definite & indefinite articles.

Week 3:               Monoku (one-line haiku) and the use of spacing. Also cherita (6 lines in 3 stanzas)

Week 4:               Metaphor in haiku: whether to / how to: explicit or implicit?

Week 5:               Haiga, the form which combines haiku and images

Week 6:               ‘Wabi-sabi’, ‘mono no aware’ and horizontal & vertical axes in haiku.

Participants will be expected to produce work during or after the classes in weeks 1, 3 and 5.

Course Outcomes: 

Participants will have a deeper understanding, not just of the advanced techniques for writing more accomplished haiku and senryu, but of four different forms related to the basic three-line haiku, and to develop an ability to read and write all of them with increased confidence and proficiency.

Maeve O'Sullivan’s poetry and haikai have been widely published, anthologised, awarded and translated. She is the author of five collections from Alba Publishing, the latest of which is Wasp on the Prayer Flag (June 2021). Maeve is a founder member of the Hibernian Poetry Workshop, and is a member of the Irish Writers’ Centre and the British Haiku Society. She leads workshops and mentors individuals in haiku, and reviews for various journals.



Testimonials for Maeve’s haiku workshops:

"I completed a half-day workshop with Maeve last year and, through her kind and expert guidance, wrote my first few haiku. Three of these have subsequently been published!'

 Billy Fenton

 “The course was very interesting. Maeve has an in-depth knowledge of the form, and the course certainly opened my eyes a lot.”

 Des Lalor

“Maeve’s delivery is methodical and easy to follow; Her facilitation of the group as we created and discussed our day’s work was focussed and kept us on track. I am very happy to recommend Maeve’s workshop – not just for the format and content, but for the way that Maeve delivers it and her warm engagement with her students.”

Karen J. McDonnell

 “I’ve had the privilege of participating in a few of Maeve's haiku workshops. Maeve imparts her extensive knowledge and experience of the haiku form in an accessible manner. She is an honest and approachable facilitator who encourages her students.”

Bernie O’Reilly


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