Online: All the Words Between with Fióna Bolger Writing course Irish Writers Centre Dublin

Online: All the Words Between with Fióna Bolger

Starts: *Mon 12 April 2021
Time: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Duration: 6 Weeks
Cost: €165/€150

Course Level: Beginner/Emerging

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*Please note that the class will not take place on bank holiday Monday 3 May and this course will finish on Monday 24 May

All Irish Writers Centre remote courses take place on Irish Standard Time (GMT)

Course Summary:

All who are interested in writing between languages and places will find themselves welcome on this course. This course is plurilingual, celebrating the many languages echoing in our heads. 

The term 'plurilingual' suggests a knowledge of many languages but does not require fluency. Those who are not used to writing in English can gain confidence here and those who write comfortably in English can avail of the opportunity to use the other languages with which they are familiar also. This course does not require fluency in English or in more than one language. A level of comfort in English is necessary to understand the interactions and the work.

Course Outline: 

  1. All the words in the world, but which ones to write: playing a plurilingual game with language
  2. Sounds Like: The music of words and the magic of random resonances
  3. Negative Probability or how to do 10 impossible things before breakfast
  4. Short n Sweet or Very Sharp: Short forms from all over the world and how they work
  5. Trapped in Text: Find yourself imprisoned in a text (legal or other0 or required to fill in endless forms? Turn the text around and write back!
  6. Plurilocalism: You can be everywhere at once! Exploring the sense of being a little less here and more there.

Each session will consist of close readings of poems, discussions and writing, which may then be shared, with the permission of the participants.

Course Outcomes: By the end of the course participants will have explored new ways  to move between languages and forms in their writing work. They will be introduced to new writers and ways of writing plurilingually.

Fióna Bolger is an experienced facilitator and poet. She co-facilitated Dublin Writers’ Forum for eight years. She has run workshops in Irish Writers’ Centre, Mother Tongues Festival and Yoda Press, New Delhi and writing groups across Dublin as well as in universities in India and Germany. Her collection a compound of words was published by Yoda Press, 2019. Her next collection is due out from Salmon Poetry in 2021.

Praise for Fióna's previous IWC course ‘Travel the World in Words’ 


Thank you for your scholarly, enthusiastic and supportive facilitation of the on-line poetry course.

Elizabeth O'Gorman

Many thanks Fiona for a really stimulating three work workshops and for introducing so many new writers to the sessions.

Liz Cullinane

Just want to say thanks a million for the classes. I had such a great time and unfortunately my Mondays will be less colourful without them. I've been feeling uninspired lately but now I have my spark back! So thanks again.

Rachel Cregan

Thanks for everything so far, it's been a wonderful introduction to poetry and it has also been lovely to listen to everyone too.

Evan McElligott




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