Online: Writing about Ireland: Landscape & Language with Manchán Magan Irish Writers Centre Writing Courses Dublin

Booked Out: Online: Writing about Ireland: Landscape & Language with Manchán Magan

Starts: Weds 4 Nov 2020
Time: 6.30 pm– 8.30 pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: €120/€108 members

Course level: Beginners/Emerging

All Irish Writers Centre remote courses take place on Irish Standard Time (GMT+1)

Course Summary: 

Writing in fresh, inspiring ways about home and heritage is never easy, and yet as readers we gain great comfort and inspiration from such writing. This course will focus on ways of exploring and presenting the great riches within Irish culture, language and landscape. You will delve into online archives of folklore and language.  It will be taught through English, but with a bilingual element that won’t require knowledge of the Irish language, just an appreciation of it. You’ll explore ways of writing that honours the wisdom of the past and the potency of place, while offering solace and insight into our modern world. 

Course Outline: 

Week 1 – intro to writing about place, heritage and home. Also writing from the heart and mind. And an introduction to rich online sources of Irish folklore, place-lore, language and culture.

Week 2 – Practical focus on capturing some elements of Irish landscape, culture and heritage in an engaging and impactful way.

Week 3 – How to write engaging, accessible, stimulating and inspiring prose about quite complex issues of linguistics, geography, sociology, etc.

Week 4  - Exploring and conveying the riches and insights of the Irish language, or any ancient language, that is a source of deep meaning and inspiration to the writer.

There will be a short 10-minute period of writing in each class, and participants are encouraged to develop the pieces they write at home, but they won’t be submitted to the teacher.

Course Outcomes: 

Participants will learn to engage with the rich primary source material online that illuminates the resonances of ancient European civilisation that exists in Ireland, and to write about home and places of the heart in simple, powerful, alluring prose that inspires the spirit and touches the soul.

Manchán Magan is an author, journalist and TV documentary maker. He has written many books in English and Irish about travels in Africa, India and South America, as well as award-winning bilingual plays. His latest book Thirty-Two Words For Field was an instant best-seller that sold out within a fortnight of publication.

Praise for Thirty-Two Words For Field :

Irish Times: “A rip-roaring, archaeological and anthropological exploration of the lyricism, mystery and oddities of the Irish language, and the layers of ancient knowledge encoded within.” The Irish Times

RTE Culture Online: “There is a ready market for the works of the late Tim Robinson or the very much still with us Robert MacFarlane, along with a number of illustrious others who continue to till the land to see with wonder what it yields. Manchán Magan is at least the equal of such writers in levels of meticulous scrutiny and general understanding of what is in essence a difficult subject” Paddy Kehoe, RTÉ Guide, 12 Sept 2020

Totally Dublin: “Manchán Magan connects language to landscape and routes it back to our beating hearts in Thirty-Two Words for Field, his exploration of the wisdom and insight encoded in words.Like a saunter on a soft day, he guides us down etymological boreens (bóithrín) always hand-holding and assuring that we will be all the better for the journey we embark upon.”

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