Research for Non-Fiction Writing with Kevin Connolly Irish Writers Centre

Research for Non-Fiction Writing with Kevin Connolly

Starts: Sat 2 NOV 2019
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: €40/€35 Members

Learn how to research the topics that interest you by identifying available resources, and become competent in assimilating your research in an effective, efficient, and structured way into your writing. This short course will instruct you in basic research techniques as well as in collecting and storing your research, understanding and practising citation styles, guarding against plagiarism, developing and converting your research from note-taking to the finished work with exercises and feedback on your writing from the instructor and other workshop participants.

Kevin Connolly is the author of Yeats and Sligo, Brandon Books (2010) and Arise and Go: W.B. Yeats and the people and places that influenced him (O’Brien Press, 2019). He is also a contributor to newspapers, journals, and the radio and has contributed to peer-reviewed academic journals. In addition Kevin is an academic librarian specializing in in-depth research and instruction. He enjoys research immensely and is currently conducting research for a new book.


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