Ferdia Mac Anna Screenwriting Irish Writers Centre

Screenwriting and Filmmaking with Ferdia Mac Anna

Starts: Tues 6 Feb 2018
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Duration:  9 Weeks 
Cost: €250/€225 Members

The special nine-week course will focus on developing the budding screenwriter’s original vision to create an original short film screenplay. Join screenwriter, producer and director Ferdia Mac Anna for an informative, engaging and empowering series of workshops on the basics of the craft of screenwriting and filmmaking. This will include character creations, scene construction, the three-act structure, dialogue, plot, visual writing, tone, theme and genre.

In the final two weeks, there will be a special component whereby students will be given a crash course by an industry professionals on the craft and techniques of basic filmmaking, including camera and sound, continuity, casting, script editing, staging, working with actors, art direction and design as well as production and directing.

Students will then shoot a short film or scenes for a work-in-progress. See Ensuite below, the short film made by the spring 2017 class. 

'En-Suite' short film 2017 from Frame It Productions on Vimeo.

Ferdia Mac Anna is a Teaching Facilitator at the Innovation Academy, UCD. He has worked as a lecturer in TV Production, English Literature and Creative Writing. He is also a director and producer of Film and TV, novelist and screenwriter as well as rock and roll singer.

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