Rachel O Flanagan, Mary Kate O Flanagan
Irish Writers Centre - Dublin, Ireland

Screenwriting Workshop with Rachel O Flanagan & Mary Kate O Flanagan

Regular price €260.00

Starts: Mon 20 Feb 2017 
Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Duration: 8 weeks 
Cost: €280/€260 Members

This course focuses on the art of scene-writing. It covers the overall structure of a screenplay first. Then it teaches how to make scenes economical, compelling and visual. The first four weeks will consist of lectures, film analysis, television drama analysis and scene analysis. Thereafter, participants will write scenes each week to be workshopped and polished. Participants will be encouraged to complete an outline and scenes for the pivotal moments of their story. 

Rachel and Mary Kate O Flanagan work with screenwriters nationally and internationally helping to shape scripts for film and television. www.adramaticimprovement.com

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