Starts: Tues 16 May 2017 - This course is currently being rescheduled. 
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Duration: 6 Weeks

All 6 sessions - €150/€130 Members 
Any 3 sessions - €80

No woman writer wants to be overlooked and undervalued for being a woman; but few, it seems, wish to be defined solely by gender, or constrained by loyalties to it alone,'  Margaret Atwood.

This Women in Literature series at the Irish Writers Centre aims to champion women writers across all forms by examining the profile of women in the industry and lifting the lid on the challenges, prejudices and biases that still exist. A series of curated seminars will offer attendees the opportunity to hear from six women who will share stories and insight from their areas of expertise, encompassing women and the publishing industry in general and, specifically across the forms of the short story, poetry, playwriting and the novel. Each week a different speaker will deliver a seminar on a theme of their choice. 

Join Evelyn ConlonSinéad GleesonDeirdre Kinahan, Sue Leonard, Una Mullally and Sallyanne Sweeney as they offer their perspectives on what it is to be a woman writer in the 21st century.

*This will also be a networking opportunity for women writers and those within the publishing industry to mingle over a glass of wine after each session. 

**The title of this series was inspired by Heartbreak, the spoken word film from actor and writer, Emmet Kirwan.

Evelyn Conlon - Tues 16 May
The hand that cradles the rock and other matters
"Please don't start that nonsense again" said the man to Mary Lavin's writer character in 'A Story with a Pattern'. A morning on nonsense and how essential it is to writing.

Sinéad Gleeson - Tues 23 May
On writing and omission
This talk explores how Irish women writers have been left out of the canon and why writing by women has been viewed and critiqued differently to men. We'll look at fiction and non-fiction, from the short story to essays and memoir. 

Una Mullally - Tues 30 May
The Portfolio Career (or how one gig begets the next.) A talk about carving out a career in journalism, writing oral history, non-fiction, anthology editing, opinion writing, featuring writing, spoken word and poetry, and screenwriting. What are the challenges women face in these arenas, and how can they use them to their advantage? This is an experience and advice-based talk, with tips, do's, don'ts, and any question answered.

Sallyanne Sweeney - Tues 6 June 
The ‘Lady Novelist’ Today - Over two hundred years on from when Jane Austen published SENSE AND SENSIBILITY as ‘By A Lady’, defying literary convention in refusing to adopt a male pseudonym, what are the considerations, challenges and advantages for female writers today?
A discussion on writers starting out, securing an agent and book deal, and sustaining a successful publishing career thereafter. 

Deirdre Kinahan - Tues 13 June
A Fierce Fragility - this is how an American Essayist recently described my playwriting.
It made me pause,
1. Because I am a sucker for alliteration.
2. Because I like the inherent conflict of the phrase.
So what do we learn about ourselves through the eyes of others? Is that what theatre is…merely a reflection? Are female playwrights any less fierce in their exploration of the fragility of the human condition? How are female playwrights seen through the eyes of others?

Sue Leonard - Tues 20 June
Who decides which books are classed as literature and which popular fiction? Why don't we hear about men's popular fiction? Is there anything women can do to change the way their books are categorised?

We will also discuss the role of writers in giving women a voice, through fiction, biography, journalism and ghostwriting.

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