No More Bookings: The Journalism Masterclass Series* with Multiple Journalists
No More Bookings: The Journalism Masterclass Series* with Multiple Journalists
No More Bookings: The Journalism Masterclass Series* with Multiple Journalists
Cathal Mac Coille Irish Writers Centre

No More Bookings: The Journalism Masterclass Series* with Multiple Journalists

Starts: Tues 19 Sept 2017 
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: €250/€230 Members 

*This series will be scheduled for a later date. 

To be a truly effective journalist you must hone each of a variety of skills into an art form. This comes with both practice and experience as well as the ability to build strong relationships with publications and other freelancers. Incorporating a diverse range of topics from the art of the interview to the future of media, as well as how to take advantage of new emerging platforms, this course offers attendees an exclusive opportunity to engage with those who do it best. 

Join Madeleine KeaneSue Leonard, Henry McDonald and Cathal Mac Coille on an eight-week journey into the fascinating world of journalism. These sessions are all seminar based and will be relaxed, informal and fully interactive with plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and get advice. 

Structure with HENRY MCDONALD
TUES 19 & 26 Sept • 6.30PM – 8.30PM

Henry McDonald will take you through how to construct and structure a long-form feature or essay. He will demonstrate how to write attention grabbing lively introductions and then how to build out from the 'curtain-raiser' first paragraph into the narrative. The classes will look at some masterclass examples of perfect pitch feature journalism and how the basic form breaks into three 'acts' or 'chapters'. He will also seek to encourage students to take a hands-on approach to the feature within the class and get would-be writers to attempt to write during one of the lectures. 

The Art of Interviewing with SUE LEONARD 
TUES 3 OCT • 6.30PM – 8.30PM 
Whether you write profiles of the famous or general lifestyle pieces, interviewing is a vital skill for a journalist. You will discuss the stages involved; setting it up, researching, avoiding the pitfalls, and writing it up afterwards.

How to Access Ideas with SUE LEONARD
TUES 10 OCT • 6.30PM – 8.30PM

Good, original ideas are essential for a freelance journalist, and ideas come from everywhere.  You will discuss how to spot a good idea; how to develop it, and how to pitch it to the appropriate publication. 

Travel Writing with MADELEINE KEANE
TUES 17 OCT • 6.30PM – 8.30PM In this session Madeleine will explore the different types of travel writing, how to identify your market and how to pitch to editors. The technical aspects of the craft will be examined - from research and fact-checking to composing compelling narratives. The session will also delve into the digital world of online media and blogging.

Arts Reviews and Features with MADELEINE KEANE 
TUES 24 OCT • 6.30PM – 8.30PM From reviews and critiques, through arts-related features, literary editor Madeleine Keane will teach participants how to source ideas, place stories and target your audience. Tips and techniques on research, fact-checking and generating crisp, vivid prose will form part of the session. 

The Future of News Journalism with CATHAL MAC COILLE
TUES 31 OCT & 7 Nov
Former Morning Ireland presenter Cathal Mac Coille will conduct two master-classes covering a range of issues dealing with broadcast news, challenges and opportunities, the relationship between social and traditional media, interviewing techniques, pressures on journalists, weaknesses (including his own) and the future of news journalism.
Madeleine Keane is Literary Editor of the Sunday Independent and has been writing about travel for 30 years. She also lectures on travel writing at UCD.

Sue Leonard is a full-time feature writer who has written widely for the national press. She currently writes the ‘Beginners Pluck’ column for the Irish Examiner. She is also a number one bestselling ghostwriter.

Cathal Mac Coille is a retired Irish broadcaster, researcher and journalist. He was a co-presenter of Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1 for most of the period from 1986 until his retirement in 2017. 

Henry McDonald is the author of the critically acclaimed NI Troubles-childhood memoir Colours. He will bring his 25+ years experience of non-fiction writing (including 7 books) and journalism to give industry and publishing advice. Henry is the Ireland Correspondent for The Guardian & The Observer, and has written for a range of publications such as The Spectator and GQ Magazine.  

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