An Introduction

The Irish American Partnership

The Irish American Partnership works to empower the next generation of Irish leaders by supporting educational and community initiatives in Ireland, North and South. The Partnership provides forums for visiting leaders from Ireland to speak in the United States, connecting the Irish-Americans with their heritage and promoting economic development through tourism, trade and mutual exchange. Since 1988, the Partnership has disbursed over $25 million to programs in Ireland; its efforts are endorsed by education, business, community, and political leaders.

Designated Giving Program

The Board of Directors of The Irish American Partnership welcomes designated gifts for specific programs, towns, counties, schools, and universities. The gifts are processed efficiently, ensuring that all conditions are met. In order to qualify for IRS tax consideration, the donor may not personally benefit from the gift and, for the Partnership to accept and transfer the funds, the gift must be part of our stated mission above. The Partnership’s ID number is 22-2801642.

Gifting Guidance

Making a Designated Gift

If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to The Irish American Partnership for the Irish Writers Centre, the following are the methods in which you may make a gift:
  • Write a check payable to The Irish American Partnership and mail it to:

    The Irish American Partnership,
    15 Broad Street Suite 501,
    Boston MA 02109

  • Make a gift by credit card by visiting the Partnership’s website:
  • Make a gift of stock through the Partnership’s broker, Fidelity Investments, DTC # 0226, Partnership’s Fidelity account # Z47-953237

In each case, please reference the Irish Writers Centre for funding.

Several significant gifts have been sent to Ireland as part of Partnership’s Designated Giving Program: Kylemore Abbey, Ulster American Folk Park, Shannon Hotel School, Smurfit Business School, Aran Islands Football, among others.

Thank you for your support.

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We offer a range of donation options designed to suit individuals and those in the corporate sector who wish to hep support the Irish Writers Centre.

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