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There are two strands to Irish Writers Centre membership: Associate and Professional membership. This tiered structure allows us to account for the diverse needs of the people who engage with the Centre.

Professional Members

The Irish Writers Centre is home to a thriving community of writers. See below a list of some of our Professional Members.

Gabrielle Alioth

Fiction / Poetry / Children’s Literature / Historical Fiction

Sheila Armstrong

Fiction / Short Stories / Novels

Sam Atwell

Fiction / Novels / Plays / Screenplays / Dark Comedy

Amanda Bell

Fiction, Poetry, Haiku, Creative Nonfiction, Haibun

Trish Bennett

Poetry / Memoir / Short Story / Performance / Comedy

Helen Blackhurst

Literary Fiction

Fióna Bolger

Poetry / Experimental / Creative Non-Fiction / Plurilingual writing in all forms

Colm Brennan

Fiction / Essays / Short Stories / Novels / Poetry

Ellen Brickley

Fiction / Essays / Young Adult / Comedy

Easkey Britton

Non-Fiction / Memoir / Creative Non-Fiction

Lynn Buckle

Fiction / Essays / Novels / Experimental / Contemporary

Mary Rose Callaghan

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Short Stories / Novels / Young Adult / Memoir

Triona Campbell

Screenplays, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Radio Drama

Amanda Cassidy

Crime / Psychological Thriller

Ireneusz Cierpisz

Fiction, Science Fiction

Pauline Cooney

Historical Fiction / Short Story

Kevin Connolly

Louise Couper

Fiction / Short Story

A. M. Cousins

Non-Fiction / Essays / Poetry / Memoir

Enda Coyle-Greene

Essays / Poetry / Creative Nonfiction

Emma Cummins

Essays / Short fiction / Copywriting

Siobhán Daffy

Children’s Literature 9-12

Stephen de Búrca

Non-fiction, Essays, Poetry, Translation

Dermot Davis

Novels, Plays, Screenplays

Sadhbh Devlin

Fiction, Essays, Flash fiction, Children’s Literature, Creative Nonfiction

Greg Dinner

Novelist / Literary Fiction / Produced Screenwriter

Moyra Donaldson


Katie Donovan

Poetry, Children’s Literature, Young Adult

Mia Doring

Fiction, Short Stories, Novels, Memoir, Creative Nonfiction

Doreen Duffy

Fiction / Short Story / Poetry / Haiku / Flash Fiction / Memoir

Catherine Dunne

Fiction / Non-Fiction

Berni Dwan

Short Story / Play / Poetry / Dark Comedy / Memoir

Megan Easley-Walsh

Historical Fiction / Romance / Poetry / Historical Research

Laura Elliot

Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Tanya Farrelly

Fiction, Short Stories, Novels

Diarmuid Fitzgerald

Poetry / Haiku / Short Story / Novel

Olivia Fitzsimons

Fiction / Essay / Short Story / Novel / Play

Daragh Fleming

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Essay / Short Story / Poetry

Bláithín Gallagher

Fiction, Short Stories, Flash, Poetry, Memoir, Creative Non-Fiction

Mia Gallagher

Novel / Short Story / Non-Fiction (Essay) / Theatre

Fiona Gell

Non-fiction, Poetry, Memoir, Nature/climate writing

Marie Gethins

Fiction / Essays / Short Stories / Novels / Flash Fiction

Sonya Gildea

Poetry / Fiction / Creative Non-Fiction

Shauna Gilligan

Novels / Short Stories

Mary Grehan


Rachel Handley

Fiction / Short Stories / Poetry / Flash Fiction / Science Fiction

Margaret Hawkins

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Screenplays / Poetry / Journalism

Yvonne Heavey

Old Irish Dialogue Stories / Business Writing / Humorous Poetry / Ghost Writing

Margaret Kiernan

Fiction, Non-fiction, Essays, Short Stories, Poetry

Adele Leahy


Byddi Lee

Fiction / Novels / Plays / Screenplays / Flash Fiction

Phil Lynch

Non-Fiction / Poetry /Haiku / Memoir

Phil Mac Giolla Bháin


Niamh Mac Cabe

Flash Fiction / Short Story / Novella

Siobhán Mannion

Fiction / Essays / Radio

Colm McAuliffe

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Essays / Short Stories

Doreen McBride

Flash Fiction / Children’s Literature / Folklore / Folktales and Local History

Maeve McCormack

Essays, Short Stories, Creative Nonfiction

Alan McCormick

Essays / Short Stories / Flash Fiction / Dark Comedy / Memoir

Marion McDowell

Fiction, Screenplays, Flash fiction, Crime, Fantasy

Carmel Mc Mahon

Non-fiction, Essays, Memoir

Lia Mills

Fiction / Literary Non-Fiction / Memoir

Priscilla Morris

Fiction, Novels, Novella, Historical Fiction, Contemporary

Áine Ní Ghlinn

Fiction, Poetry, Children’s Literature, Young Adult

Réaltán Ní Leannáin

Fiction, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Dark Comedy, Radio Plays

Róisín Ní Neachtain


Lara O’Brien

Non-Fiction Essays / Memoir / Creative Non-Fiction

Rosalie O’Brien Kiviehan

Non-fiction, Essays, Plays, Poetry, Memoir

Marie O’Halloran

Fiction, Novels, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Crime

Lissa Oliver

Fiction / Novels / Historical Fiction / Thriller / Crime

Fiona O’Rourke

Short Story / Flash / Novel

Maeve O’Sullivan

Essays / Poetry / Haiku / Memoir

Wayne Power

Fiction / Plays / Poetry

Juanita Rea

Fiction / Poetry / Children’s Literature / Memoir / Creative Non-Fiction

Amy Redmond

Fiction, Short Stories, Novels, Plays, Screenplays, Poetry, Flash fiction, Travel writing

Ronan Ryan

Fiction, Short Stories, Novels, Memoir

Peter Salisbury


Geri Schear

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Short Stories

Lindsay Jane Sedgwick

Screenwriting / Novels / YA and Children’s Fiction / Non-Fiction / Playwriting

Abigail Seran

Fiction, Short Stories, Novels, Plays, Historical Fiction

John Siddique

Non-Fiction / Essays / Poetry / Memoir / Sacred

Eoghan Smith

Literary Fiction

Kerri Sonnenberg


Caroline Sutherland

Fiction, Short Stories, Flash fiction, Contemporary

Anne Tannam


Deborah Templeton

Fiction, Non-fiction, Short Stories, Audio

Shelley Tracey

Poetry/ Memoir/ Japanese Short Form/ Art and Writing/ Poetry Therapy Practitioner

Geraldine Walsh

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Journalism

Michelle Walshe

Fiction / Creative Nonfiction / Short Stories / Flash Fiction / Memoir

Theresa Ryder

Fiction / CNF / Poetry / Plays/ Essay / Memoir

Ruby-Mai Threadgold

Poetry / Memoir / Academic Essay

Alvy Carragher

Poetry / Performance Poetry / Fiction
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We are always delighted to welcome our Members to our beautiful Georgian building in Parnell Square. There are several ways that you can avail of this service. To secure a work space in advance, please fill in this form or call us on 01 872 1302. Alternatively you can email us on or feel free to drop in. Our opening hours for Members are Monday to Thursday, 10.30am – 3.30pm.


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