April 24, 2024

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Irish Writers Centre

Free entry

Fragmented by Peter McHugh

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Wed 24th April 2024

The Hogans enjoyed an idyllic childhood, full of adventure and excitement, as their father moved between United Nations peacekeeping missions across the Middle East. Now in their thirties, and back working in the region, the brothers’ lives are falling apart.

After dropping out of university, Joey finds a new lease of life as a war correspondent in Lebanon, but tragedy is never far behind.

Sam’s now a world-famous photojournalist, but he’s giving it all up to deal with his PTSD.

Christy is happy working for UNWRA, helping Palestinian refugees in Gaza; however, his marriage is in trouble and his wife has turned to the bottle.

Spanning twelve tumultuous years from 1984, Fragmented is a multi-layered family saga set against the backdrop of the Lebanese civil war and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This poignant human story portrays in searing detail the trauma of futile wars, and the collateral damage to relationships and mental health caused by the often-used escapes of drugs and alcohol. It unveils the harsh reality of a debilitating mental illness, and the loss of personal freedom that comes with a medicated life.

Above all Fragmented is permeated by the quest for a purpose in life, the disappointments we encounter along the way and the struggles to retain control over our destiny.

Fragmented Lands. Fragmented Populations. Fragmented Relationships. Fragmented Minds.

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