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About the IWC’s Educational Programme

The Irish Writers Centre, based on 19 Parnell Square, Dublin, is the national resource centre for Irish literature. Its mission is to support and promote writers at all stages of their development. As a part of that mission it offers a diverse programme of writing courses, workshops and seminars led by established writers across a range of genres and forms, including fiction, poetry, script-writing, journalism, publishing, editing and more. It also offers professional development courses and seminars that would benefit writers in the development of their career. These include publishing days and courses in related and connected fields of expertise that might help writers produce an alternative stream of income. The Irish Writers Centre has also recently rolled out a programme of one-to-one mentoring. We run evening courses from five- to twenty-weeks long. We also run one-, two-, and three-day courses – usually over consecutive Saturdays. We run week-long courses (Mon–Fri) during summer months, and we run courses mid-week daytime depending on demand. However, we are not limited to these timeframes.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for writers with a strong public profile and strong readership who might attract new audiences to the Irish Writers Centre. We are also looking for industry professionals who are leaders in their field of expertise and who can impart valuable knowledge and skills to writers.
  • You might be a writer or professional with a strong public profile and following who wishes to facilitate a course similar to the courses that we currently run.
  • You might be a writer with an original idea for a course that we don’t currently offer at the IWC or that isn’t currently being offered in Ireland, and who has the unique skills set to deliver this course.
  • You might be a writer or editor with a number of years of experience mentoring other writers or offering one-to-one manuscript assessment or development.
  • You might be an industry professional who could deliver a course that would benefit creative writers in their career, or might be interested in appearing as a seminar leader or panellist on one of our professional development or publishing days.

Bear in mind that the success of a course depends on many factors: the public profile and following of the facilitating author; how active the facilitator is in the promotion of their course; the cost of a course; the time of the day, week, or year that a course is being offered; whether other organizations are offering a similar course in Dublin or Ireland; the number of writers or practitioners working in or interested in a particular field / genre.

The IWC give consideration to its Professional Members or to people who can show that they meet the professional membership criteria.

Express Interest

If you are interested in joining our panel, please contact us via the form below.
Irish Writers Centre’s Rates

Pay for Professional Writers

Our initial offer of work will detail the level of engagement and expectation of scope of work; any further details requested by the artist will always be discussed before they commit to or are engaged in the work. Our correspondence will also include a link to the Payscales policy detailed below.
We commit to making our rates of pay to artists clearly available on our website and in correspondence. We believe in the importance of transparency on matters of pay and working conditions, and that sharing this information publicly is to the benefit of all writers.

Courses and workshops

Writing workshops or courses are usually 2 hours per session, and often continue over a number of days or weeks. Though the contents of workshops and courses may vary, we generally expect course facilitators to provide the following supports for course/workshop participants:

  • A discussion of the practical elements of writing
  • A critical examination of established works and/or a recommended reading list
  • Workshopping of the students’ writing
  • Feedback on students’ work where applicable

The rate for facilitation of writing courses, whether online or in person, is €70 per hour.



Seminars are usually 90 minutes to 3 hours in length and can be delivered either online or in person. Seminars are more lecture-driven than courses or workshops, with a capacity for a larger number of participants. As a result, there is less participant interaction than with courses other than the potential inclusion of a Q&A session.

The rate for facilitation of seminars, whether online or in person, is €100 per hour.


Changes to this policy:
This policy was last updated in March 2024.

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We offer a range of donation options designed to suit individuals and those in the corporate sector who wish to hep support the Irish Writers Centre.

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