June 21, 2023

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Irish Writers Centre


Bitter Angel Blues

by Pádraig Hanratty


Book Description

Ten thousand steps forward… and a few more back.

When Tiffany moves on, she moves on! And she’s now moving on from the past, towards a bright new future, ten thousand steps at a time.

Having left Bill, Tiffany is ready to carve her own path. Time to start taking better care of herself. Going for solitary walks in the hills. Mindfully exhaling the past and inhaling the future. Stretching her yoga poses. And waiting for some angel to descend from heaven to sweep her away.

There aren’t many angels in Tiffany’s life, however. Her boss carries a creepy torch for her. Her colleague denounces her from his soapbox. And her friend gives her a good laugh, but not much else. Perhaps Karl, with his (almost) perfect physique and blueprint for a healthy new lifestyle, points the way to heaven.

Or maybe Bruno will be her salvation. Sent by a disgruntled God, Bruno is Tiffany’s reluctant guardian angel. His mission is to protect her from any more mistakes. His priority is his next meal.

Under Bruno’s watchful eye, can Tiffany finally find some love and peace of mind? Or will she need more than prayers to help her escape the past?

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