January 31, 2024

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Irish Writers Centre

Free entry

Book launch:


An Inquiry Into Innocence


R. N. Cogley


(Cranthorpe Millner Publishers)


“Convicted of a crime he has no memory of committing, Eli Kelly is serving a life sentence in Stoutbliss Prison.

After seven years as an inmate, Eli is resigned to his fate, but when a solicitor is sent to Stoutbliss as part of a government scheme to investigate potential miscarriages of justice, he finds himself contemplating a future beyond his prison cell.

Working with a psychiatrist, Eli revisits his traumatic past, and as they delve deeper into his memories, Eli realises that, regardless of his guilt or innocence, he is yet another victim whose cries for help were ignored by the very services supposed to keep him safe.

Will Eli finally remember what happened on that fateful night? Is he guilty? Or innocent? And given the circumstances, does it matter?”

Building Access

The Irish Writers Centre is currently housed in 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1. This is a Georgian building which unfortunately does not have a lift. There are 5 steps into the entrance level. The majority of the event’s activities will take place in the Kiely room which is on the first floor and requires climbing 30 steps in total. There are public toilets available and these are located on the ground floor and basement floor of the building. For further information on access to our building, please email:  

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