June 1, 2017

Thursday 1 June 2017

6.00pm | All welcome

Studies in Arts and Humanities is a peer-reviewed journal from Dublin Business School which aims to be all-encompassing in terms of subject, contribution and readership in the field of arts and humanities. The main objective of SAH is to facilitate a challenging yet accessible intellectual platform for a diverse range and lively mix of critical analysis and informed opinion. Although academic content will form a significant part, the journal aims to reach out to a wider audience in a broader manner. It is our belief that divisions between academic disciplines in the arts and humanities are less significant than previously held. To this end we aim to forge a textual cartography that draws on a formidable range of disciplines within the arts and humanities, the output of which is made available in an open access environment.


Wine reception + introduction and screening of Lumières WordCloud (Part 1) by VOICESONFILM. Access the film at:

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