Introducing our second IWC Members’ Nominee to the Board of Directors, Dermot Davis!

Dermot Davis is an award-winning novelist and playwright. Dermot’s creative work encompasses varied genres and styles with a special focus on human themes and characters transformed by life experience.

Dermot’s Pitch:

“There are so many changes happening in the writer’s world right now that it is a challenge to keep up and stay informed. As a member of WORD, the professional writers group attached to the centre, I am well placed to be made aware of writers’ needs and concerns.”

If you would like to vote for Dermot, the email voting period opens on Wed March 20th and closes Mon March 25th at 5pm. All subscribed members are eligible to vote at this time if they cannot come to the election. The election itself will take place on Tues 26 March at 6pm in the IWC, 19 Parnell Square, D1

Alternatively, you can choose to run for Board member yourself. More information here.