Automatic Membership Renewal (available later in the year)

AssociateProfessional and Friends members will be able to select automatic membership renewal with the mere click of a button! This option will be available in December.

Tiered Membership Structure

Along with Associate Membership, we offer Professional Membership and Friends Membership to account for the diverse needs of the people who use the Centre.

Membership Collection Periods

Membership runs to 31 December of each year and renewals will always begin on 1 January. We are bringing all members in line so that membership is on the basis of a calendar year. Any membership payments currently received will cover the year 2019.

Membership Rights: Members of all categories will be invited to attend a meeting on the day of the annual members’ showcase to give their feedback on the activities of the IWC. When the slot for Members’ Nominee becomes available on the Board, this will double as an opportunity to elect the new Members’ Nominee, whose term of office is 2 years, as for all Board members, renewable once. One Nominee shall represent all members in all categories.

Payment can be made online, by phone at 01-872 1302 or in person.