Book Launch: A Beautiful Pain by Catherine Barry

Book Launch: A Beautiful Pain by Catherine Barry

Tues 25 February 2020


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A Beautiful Pain
Poems by Catherine Barry
Published by Salmon Poetry

Don’t judge me for dying.
Don’t judge me for still being alive.

Catherine Barry was born on January 2nd, 1963, on Dublin’s north side. She is a poet, short story writer, playwright and novelist. Her first book, The House that Jack Builtwas published in 2001. It was followed by Null and Void in 2002, Skindeep in 2004, Charlie & Me in 2011, and This Woman’s Work in 2016. Her books have been translated and published in many other European countries. Catherine’s short stories have appeared in several anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul and Irish Girls About Town. She has written several plays, two of which have gone to stage. Her short play The Deal was performed in the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris in June 2015, to commemorate W. B. Yeats’s 150th birthday. It was also staged in London to celebrate Bloomsday. In April 2018, Catherine’s own adaptation of her book Charlie & Me enjoyed a successful run at the Sean O’Casey Theatre in Dublin.


“There is an urgency to Catherine Barry's work, a determination to take the reader's arm and make them notice the reality of the world around them. The poems contained in A Beautiful Pain are hard won, the product of lived experience and no small suffering.”
     Nessa O'Mahony

"These are brave and tender poems from a courageous, compassionate writer. There is, in these poems, both the fierceness of survival against the odds and a real understanding of human vulnerability. These are poems of a life lived intensely, with joy and fortitude. This is a remarkable collection."
     Jo Slade

"I have greatly enjoyed Catherine Barry’s brave poems about her ineradicable past, set down with both tenderness and astringency.  She has a heart like a bonfire."
     Jonathan Williams