About Us


Founded in 1991, the Irish Writers Centre:

  • Is the national resource centre for Irish literature
  • Our mission is to support and promote writers at all stages of their development.
  • Offers a diverse programme of writing courses and workshops led by established writers across a range of genres including memoir, poetry, playwriting, short-stories and the novel.
  • Runs seminars, lectures and readings related to the art of writing.
  • Hosts a monthly Takin’ the Mic, where members of the public are encouraged to share their creative endeavours.
  • Welcomes writers, readers and international visitors keen to  develop their career as a writer. 

The IWC has a current five year strategy (2017-2021) which endeavours to:

1. To continue delivering excellent services for and on behalf of Irish writers

2. To ensure that more people experience writing through our diverse programmes

3. To extend our services to young people and children to foster the next generation of writers

4. To strengthen and secure our position in the Cultural Quarter

5. To achieve sustainable levels of core funding and capacity to ensure the delivery of excellence into the future

A full copy of our strategy can be downloaded here


Our building at 19 Parnell Square in the heart of northside Georgian Dublin:

  • Boasts fine rooms that are used as workshop spaces and are available to rent.
  • Houses the Kiely Room, which is available for book launches, panel discussions, plays and spoken word.
  • Is open to the public 6 days a week providing a creative space for writers’ groups, writers and performers.


The Irish Writers Centre has several international projects that involve linking Irish writers with those in other countries. For example:

  • The Italo-Irish Literature Exchange (IILE) was initiated to provide a forum for Italian and Irish writers to meet and connect and promote their literatures in one another’s countries.
  • Our Nordic Outposts Literature Exchange Programme forges links with literary organisations in the Nordic countries to create ongoing dialogue and promotional opportunities for both Irish and Nordic authors.
  • We hope to encourage translation, increase readerships and bolster literary tourism with the aim to arrange a return visit of Irish writers to Norway in 2017.